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The Journal is a media outlet committed to offering quality balanced content online. Our mission is to give people a voice, offer a different opinion, and say what we think. We believe in integrity, responsibility, and honesty. We have a sense of humor as well as honor. We are geeks, techs, photog’s, holistic medicine providers, believers, inventors, comedians, social butterflies, musicians, writers, website designers, artists and introverts. We all like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but some of us don’t really care for eggs or cupcake frosting. We do facts, rumors, ideas, thoughts, satire, and ponders. We don’t do slanders, smut, stupidity or slurs. We like originals and one-of-a-kinds.  We love music, the English language, and America. But we also like traveling, making lists, and search engines. We don’t allow perfect people in our club. But abnormal awesomeness is accepted. So in conclusion, you've just entered the Nerd Aquarium...welcome :) 

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If you believe that “normal” is just a pretend word, have a passion for intelligent thought, and a drive for consistent quality work -whether in your area of expertise be writing, music, graphics etc) than there might be a place for you at the Journal.
Note: As of right now all work on the Journal is presented by volunteer contributors. Call or e-mail the info desk for more information.
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