This Is Conway- Hospice Part 2

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We continue our discussion of Hospice Care with Lindsey Inman of Embrace Hospice in Conway SC. Lindsey tells us about the spiritual support side of hospice care which includes support for the patient, family and children. Listen in to this informative and touching interview on a topic that everyone will have face at somepoint.


From Chase and Race to Racing from the Fire: Help Heal Conway Pets


It is hard to believe that a little over a week ago, Conway residents were prettying up their pooches and taking part alongside them in a two-mile race along Simon Park, to raise funds for charity.


The event was organized by Don Potter, whose son Chase perished in 2006 from traumatic brain injury.

For the last six years, the mixed-species race has commemorated both the life of his son and the value pets bring to our lives. The impressive amount of $70,00 raised over the past few years, has been shared between the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter.

Fire Devastates the Carolina Community

Few of the jovial runners and their families would have thought that just eight days later, on March 16, a raging fire at a condominium complex in the Carolina Forrest Community of Horry County would destroy 26 buildings and 109 units, leaving many families homeless and their pets, injured or missing. The fire, thought to have originated from a power line, spread to the forest, then a single family home, and eventually to the condominiums and units.

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Improving our Children’s Literacy Rates is the Key to the Future

From March 11 to March 30, Senator Vincent Sheheen will be holding lectures in South Carolina, visiting universities, families and local leaders, and informing the press of his vision to create jobs and improve education.

His aims are outlined in his book, The Right Way, which can be downloaded for free or accessed at any of the spots on his tour, which bears the ambitious title of Back on Track.

While some members of the press have labelled the book a precursor to Sheheen’s second gubernatorial campaign, others are taking an interest in the main themes outlined, particularly in the area of education.

Between the years 2008 and 2018, reports Sheehen, some 56 per cent of South Carolina’s 1.2 million jobs, will require some kind of advanced training after high school; yet statistics indicate that South Carolina has a long way to go in terms of meeting these demands; approximately 50 per cent of children live in households with incomes at 200 per cent of the poverty limit; 32.9 per cent of third graders tested below state standard in mathematics in 2009 and 22 per cent tested below reading standards.

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Gathering of the Green Kick-Off St. Patrick's Day Weekend in Downtown Conway

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Downtown Conway with the 3rd Annual Gathering of the Green on Friday, March 15 at 5:00 p.m. on Third Avenue in Downtown Conway. The Gathering of the Green features live music, a taste of Conway, Irish trivia, silent auction, games and great entertainment.... 
Proceeds from this event benefit Conway Downtown Alive, a non-profit organization that aims to stimulate economic development, encourage historic preservation and promote the vitality of Downtown Conway.

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Build the Habit of Trust to Break the Habit of Drugs


Recent joint action by officers from Horry County Sheriff’s Office, the South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Conway Police Department to tackle drug related crime within the community has shown that the authorities mean business.

A life of crime fueled by the need for drugs is a sight all too common – and one that we hope our loved ones will never enter into. A downward spiral from curiosity to addiction and then to crime is a nightmare no-one wants to face.



Being arrested and found guilty on any drug related issue in South Carolina is very serious and can carry long prison sentences and huge fines.

The message is clear – it is always best to stay clear away from drugs.

But what if you suspect that someone you know and love might be on drugs? How should you tackle it? Where can you get help? Just who can you turn to help you?

Knee-jerk is not the answer

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This Is Conway- Oz Promotion at Frank's Rivertown 12

To celebrate the release of Oz, The Great and Powerful, Frank's Theatre is having a special sneak peek showing Thursday at 9 PM and is running a guess the number of pom-poms contest. Prizes include a mountain bike, Chick Filet gifts, a magic show and free movies for the rest of 2013! Take a listen as Lewis gives the details...

Letters to Lonnie- Grannies Volt

Grannies VoltDear Lonnie,

I am in the market for a new car and my college student grandson says I should buy a Chevy Volt. He says it will save me money and I will help save the environment. I’ve seen the car on TV and it sounds nice, but the price seems pretty steep to me. I only drive about 8000 miles a year for shopping and church. I also make a trip to Hattiesburg every year to see my sister and go to the family reunion.

What do you think?


Caring Grandma


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Now Showing on YouTube: Phat Guys At The Movies

YouTube has a new movie review show and its featuring some local talent. alums, Ken Taylor and Oliver Benton are taking their own brand of expertise and movie trivia powers to computer screens across america. Its a pretty big deal, and we mean BIG. 

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Fundraiser Benefiting Horry County Literacy Council to Feature Star Studded Local Cast

 Hulas And...Homicide?


Come out January 26, at 6 o’clock and help find out who murdered Winnie Waheli before the annual hula contest on Kikiwai Beach at the 7th annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser Dinner to benefit the Horry County Literacy Council!

A huge hit every year, this year’s cast features local stars including Joel Allen, Kimberly Britt, Jason Claspell, Lorna Ausband, John Cambelli, Allyson Floyd, Amanda Kinseth, Tim McGinnis and Jim Pate!




Held at the Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Conference Center in Myrtle Beach, the “Who Done IT?” caper is a killer good time, featuring a delicious three course dinner, and extra fun and games such as silent and chance auctions, prizes, and more!

Tickets are:

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And Streets Made Out Of....Chocolate?

From Conway Downtown Alive: Conway Chocolate Walk,Trick or Treat for Grown-Ups!

"Spend a Saturday afternoon exploring the shops and restaurants of Downtown Conway while enjoying chocolate creations prepared by our very own amateur chocolatiers.

With 25+ businesses participating in the Chocolate Walk on February 2 from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM, there will be more chocolate than even the biggest chocolate-lover could enjoy in one afternoon, so fill your take home bag and savor your goodies another day.  

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This Is Conway: Alphie's Reef Seafood


In the mood for shrimp? Don't want to drive 45 minutes to get it? Well you're in luck! 


Eddie's in the mood for shrimp and talking to Alex and Phil, the owners of the newest restaurant in town-Alphie's Reef Seafood, located right beside CVS at 621 Church St (also known as 501) in Conway....






An idea grown out of a long standing partnership and years of experience with life by the sea, the guys are offering up the fresh catch daily. An Idea, grown out of a Florida gift shop and a later produce stand, these guys have an interesting story to go along with their awesome dishes. 


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Conway Library Gets In the Spirit of The Season with Month of Holiday Events

Santa is on his way and nobody knows it better than the folks at Conway Library. Their holiday season will be in full swing the entire month of December as they offer night after night of fun and good cheer.

They start of the month with the North Pole’s Most Wanted Event which will run from December 1st through the 31st-visitors are called to aid in the search of two run away elves hiding in various places around the Library. The first to locate a rascally elf will receive a prize...


The fun doesn't stop there as Christmas movies, a Walt Disney Day, and a Holiday Family Story Time (complete with a visit from Santa himself!) are also planned.

In addition to all the holiday cheer the Library is spreading the spirit of goodwill by also holding a day set aside for a Veterans Outreach Program, on December 3rd,10th, and 17th where veterans of our armed services are invited to come and  find resources on employment, benefits,and more.

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CHS 2012 Home Coming Parade

The CHS Home Coming Parade made it's way down Elm Street Friday afternoon before an exuberant crowd. Pretty girls, handsome guys and even a tiger joined the Conway High band and the Jr. ROTC.

Rivertown Movie Review-Frankenweenie

This time the two old guys are out and two young ladies take the movie review mic.

Abbi and Miss Lillie review Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. Abbi gives it a 4 out of 5 stars and Lillie -- in a first ever for RMR -- gives it a 10. Hey, she's 8 so cut her some slack...

Luther’s Review- The Words

Normally I try to start a movie review with something pithy or witty. Not this

The Words Movie Review

time. This time I will simply state that The Words is a good movie. Now when I say good, I mean The King’s Speech, The Help, From Here to Eternity and Citizen Kane good.

This is what happens when a group of talented professionals get together to produce a work worthy of their combined skills. From the writing to production to cinematography to the acting to the guy driving the catering truck,everyone involved brought their very best to this film. If you have a teenager who only watches zombie movies, take them to see this film so they can have a baseline of what is a good movie.

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Rivertown Movie Review-Obama’s America 2016

Reviewing documentaries is a tough assignment because one’s interest is determined almost solely by the topic. If you are not interested in aquaculture in Peru, the best documentary ever made will have no appeal to you. Conversely, a terrible film about Barbie Dolls could make your day if you are an avid collector. With this in mind, I will give my Libertarian minded review of Obama’s America 2016.

The premise of the film is to give a background of who were and are the influences that make President Obama the person he is today and what the country will be like if he gets another term. As the tagline says, “Love him or hate him, you don't know him.”

It opens with the writer and star, Dinesh D'Souza, explaining his own background as an immigrant from India who was born the same year and went to an Ivy League school during the same time period as Obama.

He does get kudos for also disclosing that he was a part of the Regan administration and a staunch capitalist. He gets this out of the way up front so that you can go ahead and take your grain of salt.

From a technical standpoint, the film is pretty basic documentary fare. The photography varies from top notch to shaky hand-held. The editing is Hollywood slick with a few moments of cheesy pseudo-effects. Think National Geographic meets Save the Children.

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