This Is Conway- Hospice Part 2

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We continue our discussion of Hospice Care with Lindsey Inman of Embrace Hospice in Conway SC. Lindsey tells us about the spiritual support side of hospice care which includes support for the patient, family and children. Listen in to this informative and touching interview on a topic that everyone will have face at somepoint.


This Is Conway- Oz Promotion at Frank's Rivertown 12

To celebrate the release of Oz, The Great and Powerful, Frank's Theatre is having a special sneak peek showing Thursday at 9 PM and is running a guess the number of pom-poms contest. Prizes include a mountain bike, Chick Filet gifts, a magic show and free movies for the rest of 2013! Take a listen as Lewis gives the details...

Letters to Lonnie- Grannies Volt

Grannies VoltDear Lonnie,

I am in the market for a new car and my college student grandson says I should buy a Chevy Volt. He says it will save me money and I will help save the environment. I’ve seen the car on TV and it sounds nice, but the price seems pretty steep to me. I only drive about 8000 miles a year for shopping and church. I also make a trip to Hattiesburg every year to see my sister and go to the family reunion.

What do you think?


Caring Grandma


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CHS 2012 Home Coming Parade

The CHS Home Coming Parade made it's way down Elm Street Friday afternoon before an exuberant crowd. Pretty girls, handsome guys and even a tiger joined the Conway High band and the Jr. ROTC.

Local Chef Needs Votes to Become Next Top Product Finalist‏

Barbara Whitley of Crady’s Restaurant (Conway, SC) knows her Fresh Peach Cupcakes with Apple Butter Cream Frosting are the best in South Carolina.  Now she has an opportunity to take this recipe national for top culinary honors and a chance to win $20,000 in cash and prizes.
Crady’s Restaurant needs the support of the Conway community!  She’s one of 30 nationwide finalists in the Next Top Product contest launched by US Foods to identify America’s next hot food trend.  To move on to the next round of judging in Chicago on Sept. 18, her recipe needs to be among the top three determined by fan votes on the US Foods Facebook page.

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Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information From Conway SC

Well, I would like to introduce myself to y’all as the new but certainly not improved contributor to the section of Downtown Rumor Rants, Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. My name is Bubba Noseit and I like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable about not much of anything. I do have a good ear and love to listen to people go on about things. Whether it’s a complaint, a compliment, or just gossip, I will try to convey those activities into a regular contribution so everyone can see just what is going on around these here parts. Fact or fiction? Well, you will have to decide for yourself but I will try to tell it like it is and hopefully not offend anyone in the process.  Here goes my first attempt…

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Brandon Sessions Earns Credential

M.B. Kahn’s Sessions earns LEED AP BD+C credential


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.James Brandon Sessions, the business development manager with M.B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc. - Coastal Division, recently earned his LEED AP BD+C credential.


LEED AP BD+C  provides a standard for professionals participating in the design and construction phases of high-performance, healthful, durable, affordable and environmentally sound commercial, institutional and high-rise residential buildings.


The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) created this specialty credential to denote

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Conway Man Drives Triple the Speed Limit



Andy Paul spent Saturday afternoon cruising around Charlotte Motor Speedway at speeds in excess of 150 mph. He ultimately lapped the tri-oval at an average speed of 167.71 mph.


Andy was taking part in the NASCAR Racing Experience. The company, who recently started a program at Myrtle Beach Speedway, gives everyday folks the opportunity to ride in or drive a real NASCAR race-car.  The ride-a-longs are given by professional drivers at speeds in excess of 160 mph.

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Adventures in Parking

Some things you just have to see to believe. Every so often we see an example of extreme bad parking we just have to share...


Yes, this car IS parked in the middle of the driveway and turned sideways to maximize the effect...good job of bad parking and being inconsiderate.

The Art of Dancing Part 2



For those of you that enjoyed Part 1 of the “Art of Dancing” by Bruce Patterson, here is part 2! This time around Bruce lets us in on some of the “lingo” and the “rules of dancing…Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend, and if you have a favorite weekend hangout where you go to get your groove on, let us know so we can get the word out!


And as always you can find Bruce dancing away every Saturday at GoodTime Charley’s, along to Tripod…



Part Two.

By Bruce Patterson



The gentleman leads the moves. All moves should bring the maximum attention to the lady. The gentleman should lead the moves that please the lady. The


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This Is Conway SC- Interview with City Administrator Bill Graham

This is the pilot episode for a new show with Bill Graham, the City Administrator for Conway SC. We talk about Bill's background, what he does and a brief report on the financial state of Conway. If you have an idea for a name for the new show, give us a note in the comment section.

Myrtle Beach Man On: The Art of Dancing



I had the pleasure of meeting quite a character over the last few weeks’ by the name of Bruce Patterson. A Vietnam Veteran and retired Marine, He spends his spare time dancing up a storm at the beach. I date a certain bass player and that’s how I met Bruce, at one of snookum’s shows. He is every bit the old fashioned gentleman who loves to have a good time and dance to music that has a real audible beat!


While at the shows Mr. Bruce has been kind enough to share his stories with me and tell me all about dancing,  and given me a copy of his personal opinion piece on the art of dancing which I present to you, in parts, here. I hope you enjoy reading his thoughts as much as I did.



The Art of Dance: Part 1

By Bruce Patterson

Ballroom Philosophy:


The mission of  the gentleman is to SHOWCASE the lady...He is to lead her through the moves that bring  attention to the lady, not himself...It should be obvious to any onlooker that the style of dance presented by the gentleman is that he is symbolically  spoiling the lady, pampering the lady, worshiping the lady, placing the lady on a pedestal, and treating her like a princess...he should NEVER lead himself into any component that would have him turn his back on the lady at any time during the dance...any of the gentleman’s personal style movements should bring attention to the lady not himself...


Ballroom dancing is a PARTNERSHIP in which a couple works together, via leading and following, to accomplish their special goal of having FUN....

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So, what do they think of us now in the Big Apple?

Myrtle Beach is now on the map in the minds of average New Yorkers after so many years of being thought of as some small town in Florida.  I can say this with some conviction after taking my annual trek to Teaneck, New Jersey last Saturday. I traveled via LaGuardia airport in New York City…Queens to be exact.
Seventeen years ago, when I left Washington DC to come to Myrtle Beach permanently, I was given a lot of cute good luck and “moving away” cards and not a few of them made jokes about my destination. But the one that really got me came from someone who obviously meant well but was totally out of it, “Good luck in Turtle Beach,

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Southern Blue in Concert...

Local favorites Southern Blue rocked downtown Conway to cap the Arts and Music Festival. Fans from 1 to 85 rocked, rolled and got funky with some good ole rythm and blues...


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Arts in Downtown

The Arts and Music Festival avoided bad weather in the area and attendees were treated to artist and other vendors on a seasonable warm spring day. Politics blended with produce blended with hand made crafts to the sounds of live music. Here are some shots of the event...


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Chrome and Cubes

Conway SC...Today is the Arts and Music Festival in downtown Conway. Festivities will last into the evening hours with art, music and a car show at Palmetto Chevrolet and down Laurel Street.


Check out these pics of the motorized dream rides...

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