Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. 16th edition


Happy February! The weather has certainly been crazy around here.  It’s Really Cold one day and above average the next.  I hope this is not a sign of a really hot summer as we have had some hot ones the last two years. Well, here is what ole Bubba has found out in his travels this month.


OPENINGSInteractivity Marketing has opened at 408 Main Street where the Old Carolina Movie Theatre use to be.  The company is a digital marketing firm with about 10 professional employees.  Poppa’s General Store will soon be opening a couple of doors up the street at 412 Main Street. Poppa’s will occupy the space that Suzanne’s Antiques just vacated. Rumor has it that the awning will be replaced so the old eye sore will soon be gone.  Thank goodness. I am not completely sure what all Poppa’s will offer but I have heard it will be a collectibles store. Time will tell. Work is continuing on the International Salon and Spa that will occupy the old Bernies building on the corner of 3rd and Laurel Street.  Bubba expects a March 1 opening date.

Someone has purchased the small building on the corner of 4th Avenue and Browns Alley next to Super Tire Town.  I am not sure what is going in this building but I have heard rumors it is a tannery.  I will let you know more as the rumor mill churns.  I won’t call this an opening but a completion as the work on the new park on the corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street is now done.  The brick pavers look wonderful, the new benches are great and we now have 4 picnic tables to enjoy an outdoor bite to eat on. Landscaping around the park is also a big improvement.  Great job to all involved.

RELOCATIONSSignature Hair Beauty Salon has moved from 1118 3rd avenue to     1112 3rd avenue to expand their business.  If Myrtle Beach is the Golf Course Mecca of the world then Conway SC is the Beauty Salon Mecca.  How many beauty salons and spas do we have in this downtown area?  That is your trivia question of the month.

CLOSINGS – Old Bubba is sorry to report that another long standing store in our community will soon be closing their doors.  Sassy Girl in the BlackWater Market on 4th Avenue will soon be calling it quits due to family matters.  Sassy Girl has been around for 6 plus years in our downtown area and will be missed.  Good luck Vicky in your future.

Well folks, that's all to report for this month, keep supporting our Downtown Shops and maybe, together we can get through these trying times.

This is Bubba Noseit signing off.

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