From Chase and Race to Racing from the Fire: Help Heal Conway Pets


It is hard to believe that a little over a week ago, Conway residents were prettying up their pooches and taking part alongside them in a two-mile race along Simon Park, to raise funds for charity.


The event was organized by Don Potter, whose son Chase perished in 2006 from traumatic brain injury.

For the last six years, the mixed-species race has commemorated both the life of his son and the value pets bring to our lives. The impressive amount of $70,00 raised over the past few years, has been shared between the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter.

Fire Devastates the Carolina Community

Few of the jovial runners and their families would have thought that just eight days later, on March 16, a raging fire at a condominium complex in the Carolina Forrest Community of Horry County would destroy 26 buildings and 109 units, leaving many families homeless and their pets, injured or missing. The fire, thought to have originated from a power line, spread to the forest, then a single family home, and eventually to the condominiums and units.

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Improving our Children’s Literacy Rates is the Key to the Future

From March 11 to March 30, Senator Vincent Sheheen will be holding lectures in South Carolina, visiting universities, families and local leaders, and informing the press of his vision to create jobs and improve education.

His aims are outlined in his book, The Right Way, which can be downloaded for free or accessed at any of the spots on his tour, which bears the ambitious title of Back on Track.

While some members of the press have labelled the book a precursor to Sheheen’s second gubernatorial campaign, others are taking an interest in the main themes outlined, particularly in the area of education.

Between the years 2008 and 2018, reports Sheehen, some 56 per cent of South Carolina’s 1.2 million jobs, will require some kind of advanced training after high school; yet statistics indicate that South Carolina has a long way to go in terms of meeting these demands; approximately 50 per cent of children live in households with incomes at 200 per cent of the poverty limit; 32.9 per cent of third graders tested below state standard in mathematics in 2009 and 22 per cent tested below reading standards.

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