UPDATE - Conway Main Street USA Cutie Pie Article Draws Debate

What started out as a basic event listing has become a become a never ending string of comments.  The Conway Main Street Cutie Pie Pageant is over but the debate surrounding it continues.  The original article quickly became the most read, and most commented item on ConwayJournal.com.  We have decided to leave the article posted as long as it's popularity continues.

Due to the obvious local interest we are currently considering further investigation into some of the claims that have been made and questions that have been raised.  The original article text is contained below in red.

The Cutie Pie Beauty Pageant is back! On October 22, 2009 Conway Main Street USA will host it's 2nd annual drag show featuring men from Conway and around the Grand Strand. Tickets are $50 and are available for purchase at the Main Street Office in Historic Downtown Conway, SC. The pageant features local men dressed as women and competing in talent and evening gown competitions.

Proceeds will benefit Conway Main Street USA and a small portion will be divided among several local children's charities.

The Cutie Pie contest will be held at Revolutions Dance Club in Myrtle Beach. You must be at least 21 years of age or older to attend. For more information call 843-248-6260.

Videos from the 2008 It's Raining Men Cutie Pie Pageant. Popcorn Showers, Candy Apples, Anita Coxoscommentenable}

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