Conway Seeks Target of Disgruntled Mannequin's Hand Gesture.

Nothing says "Welcome to Historic Downtown Conway!" like a firm middle finger.  That's why folks are wondering what to do about Trudy, Conway's most well known mannequin.  She hasn't always been quite so offensive.  Up until last year Trudy had been seen holding up the universally recognized two finger peace sign.  In 1971 Trudy sacrificed her two small fingers to protest the war in Vietnam, not a popular position to take at the time.  As years passed folks in Conway grew fond of her pleasant smirk, Jim Morrison hairstyle, and signature peace sign.

Well it's obvious that Trudy is again trying to make a social statement.  What isn't so obvious is the target of her latest protest.  After months of deliberation the Conway Mannequin Committee has not been able to produce any substantive solution on their own.  Their final suggestion was to look for help from Conway's most intelligent minds, the people who write comments on the  I was honored that the site had earned such a grand reputation and agreed to seek council from you, Conway's intellectual elite.

So please help us, what has Trudy all fired up? What should be done? Please leave your answer in the comments section below. Conway is counting on you.

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