More Rumors, Rablings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information

John Zilinsky Charged with DUI

Just a couple of weeks ago, we told you that the Conway Police Department is straight ninja status when it comes to DUI enforcement (read the article).  Well the Sun News is reporting that the "Atlantic Beach Town Attorney" was charged with DUI in Conway early Saturday morning.  What? Did we not warn everyone?

Just some observations:

  • What's up with the Atlantic Beach reference?  That poor town is snake-bit, and they had nothing to do with the DUI.  Just piling on I guess.
  • If you're a 52 year old father and driving home at 2:30am.... Just sayin', there's probably better places to be.
  • If you drink two beers and read Car & Driver magazine, the Conway PD will catch you. They are that good.

How's Business?

Mixed.  March sales were well up over last year for most businesses 10% to 50% depending on who you speak to.   April was up too, just not as high as March.  The festivities of May 1st provided a nice boost to start this month.  The Music and Art Festival attendance was up from the previous two years, not great, but better.  The location was good, Laurel and 3rd makes sense to me.  Only complaint....

Don't invite the Blue Green timeshare folks back.  The gentleman who started the day, not too bad.  The couple who finished the day were menacing.  They were following people up and down the block.  People were walking away saying "no thanks" and the salesmen were getting in front of them, trying to get them to come back.  I wonder how many people circled the block going back to their cars, just to avoid passing by them again.  Since they were at an entrance it was the first and last experience many visitors received that day.

Pops Glass Moving Out of Downtown.

Downtown Conway, SC is losing a major draw this month.  Ed and Barbara Streeter are moving their art gallery to 2416 Main St.  While they will remain in town, the move will take them out of walking distance from the historic shopping district.  Barbara, a long time champion of the arts and downtown economic development, has vowed to continue her support of the Art Walks and CREATE!Conway.  I think they'll be back downtown in a few years.


3rd and Main Exchange - CLOSED

The new and gently used women's dress store that catered to the younger crowd has closed.  Drawing the young ladies out of the malls and on to Main St. is a tough task.

Kingston Fabrics Opens on 3rd Ave.

Wow, that was fast.  One day Little Angels is moving out and before the dust settles there's a fabric store in there.  I have to think that the customer demographics for a fabric store closely match that of average downtown shoppers; women 30-60, middle to upper income.

Country Cottage Gets a Boost

Irby Koon has informed me that he and his wife Lynn have teamed with CC owner, Ann to take the custom embroidery part of the business to the next level.  Their talking big schools and big contracts for major collegiate apparel.  I'm excited for them, Lynn is a long time supporter of downtown Conway  business, and probably one of the nicest people that I have ever met.

PcRx Moves In

PcRx is a local computer repair and sales business that has opened next to Hamps Hardware on Kingston Street.   This is their second Conway location, they must be doing well.

New Plants in the Pots

Wanda with the City of Conway has just planted new flowers in the downtown pots.  Merchants are urged to help water them.  I fear that if we keep killing all her plants she's going to eventually going to resort to planting the plastic varieties.


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