Rumors, Ramblings, and Otherwise Untrustworthy Information Regarding Conway, SC.

There really is COOL STUFF in downtown Conway.   Seriously, there is.  I'm telling you this place is called COOL STUFF.

So last week I get this call, "Hey Stan, I heard there's a new store in the old Pop's Glass Station.  I heard from someone that there's a mannequin wearing lingerie and hand-cuffs in Norman Alley."  Well, the first thing in my mind was that Trudy was out of control again.  Then, I remembered that after her last episode they pulled her hands off, therefore handcuffs wouldn't be appropriate.  By the time I got over to the alley to peek in, there were no handcuffs and no lingerie.  Instead, I found three large birds in cages and a few empty display units.  Luckily, I only lost sleep for two days before I caught the owner in the store.

The owner's name is Phoebe, and she is moving COOL STUFF from its first location on HWY 501 to downtown Conway.  She said that she was attracted to our downtown by its low rent and charming atmosphere.  COOL STUFF specializes in new apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.  I was too early to see the finished product, but there were loaded clothing racks in the back room and wild paint on the floor and wall.  Phoebe mentioned the possibility of a soft open later this week.  Stop in at 911 Norman Alley to welcome our newest merchant.

Conway Main Street USA Submits To Local Artist

I'm holding comment until the two "legitimate" news outlets have a chance to cover this story.  Read the Sun News article here, they gave it a fair shake.  Look for the Horry Indy to cover on Thursday.  We'll keep an eye on their ability to cover it with full journalistic integrity.  Oooh, did I tell you there is a Letter to the Editor to follow the story.  Who will run it?  Who will bury it?  Just to let you know, the had first dibs on the news, and the editorial.  I felt that it was real news, best suited for a real news outlet, the CJ's role is to cover the coverage.  We'll set back and see how they handle it.

Sun News Is Getting All Up in Our Business

OK, last week I discussed how the Sun News appears to be aggressively pursuing Conway news, while at the same time Conway's own Horry Independent is restricting its online offerings.  I must say that I was intrigued by the duel, until a shot was fired my way.

Now, I read that the Sun News has a new weekly article series that they are calling the "Conway Notebook" (sounds a lot like the Conway Journal).  Then, they say that they are going to publish it weekly (that's my plan, I just have to work for a living, and it gets in the way).   They also promise to feature fascinating local pictures (like the Conway Journal).  And it has a sprawling, multi-headline, hodgepodge format (like the Conway Journal).  So now what are we going to do about this obvious imitation?  Say "thank you", of course.  Let me tell you how flattered I am. WAY!


Yes, WAY!  They are the big boys, it's kinda cool to have inspired them in someway.  I have a niche that is pretty well protected with the, so there is no need for concern here.  If it's non-threatening to the CJ and provides more news coverage for Conway, that's what I call a real win-win deal.

Just a heads-up fellas, I intend on having a "City Council Election Fiesta" next year, are y'all up for it? Begins Work with WPJS Gospel 1330

The Faith section on this site has been a little less utilized than I had originally intended.

Over the next few months readers should expect to see some improvement in this section.  WPJS 1330 AM is a great local gospel music and news source for many residents in Conway (psst..hey Sun News are you reading this?), but due to technology restraints are unable to meet their full potential.  We hope to be able to bridge this gap and help them get their word out.  But seriously, PJ Parrish (WPJS Owner) is a great character and would look very well featured in either of our fine newspapers.  I'll hold off a couple months, in case one of the big boys wants to do a feature first.

FYI - The Dump is Free - New Solution

This chair has recently appeared in the swamp off Depot Road, an area that continues to be a dumping spot for locals.  For whatever reason some people can't take their trash to a free dump that is only about 5 miles away.  Depot Road is the first left turn as you cross the Main Street bridge leaving Conway.

The Problem - Depot Road has been used continuously as a dump for years. Neither signs or law enforcement can stop it.  It really is horrible.  I know someone is cleaning it up, because there is always new garbage out there and if they were not occasionally picking it up, it would be mounded by now.  Unless, maybe the occasional flood washes it out into the river.  Let's hope it's not the latter.

The Solution - Put two dumpsters evenly spaced out along the road.  Paint them green and brown to limit their visual impact on the area, similar to those used in the national parks.  I would bet that the offenders would actually use the dumpsters.   Store owners have been doing it for years.  If a store keeper continues to find trash in a certain area of the store, he places a can there and the problem ceases.  I hope this idea becomes reality, because Depot Road runs along side the Waccamaw River and could be a scenic little drive if it weren't a habitual dump site.  Everything downstream would benefit too.

I recognize that it sounds wrong to put dumpsters out just to cater to people who break the law, but it would work.  If we want a clean river, should we aim for what is right or what will work?

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