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Avoiding Neck and Shoulder Pain

Do you wake up in the morning and stretch in an effort to relieve your stiff neck and shoulders? Have you ever had them lock up with no warning? If you have, you are not alone. It is reported that as many as seventy percent of all people will have neck pain at some time in their lives. This pain will often also involve the shoulder area.

Neck pain caused by stress is the major cause of most headaches. These can be safely treated with little more than a warm bath and some quiet time.

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Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. 17th edition


Well the months are flying by this year; can you believe it is late March already?  Ole Bubba is still getting use to the time change from the Spring Forward and lose an hour of sleep scheme.  Bubba wants to wish each and every one of you out there a very Happy Easter and hopes to hear that everyone of you attended church for Easter Services.


Now on to the Gossip that ole Bubba Noseit heard while making his rounds…

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Christmas Morning In the Lingerie Deparment


At least that's what it felt like as I was walking away. For the first time since I woke one morning all "developed" as my mother called it. (I called it getting side swiped by puberty so hard my future grandchildren felt it.) And for all you women that wish for bigger... me when I say this: you have  no idea what you are asking for.


Let me give you a snapshot of how life is for someone like me: People stare. All the time. And its aggravating. Upon meeting a new person, your eyes are always the second thing they see. Old men wink at you at the grocery store. The pizza guy loses all sense of how to make change. And prudish old ladies give you bad looks. Even your friends stare! You can forget pretty little tank tops with whisper thin straps too, because unless they're made of the web of Spider Man, you are in trouble...

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Update: Conway Police Make Arrest In Shooting Incident

Conway Police arrested a suspect linked to the January 7th shooting on 6th Avenue in Conway, which left one dead and one wounded. From the release: 

"Conway, S.C. (February 26, 2013) - Conway Police have charged Rashad Derller Burroughs, 19, of Conway with Murder and two (2) counts and Attempted Murder in connection with a shooting that occurred on Monday, January 7, 3013 at 2:36 p.m. in the Sugar Hill Community of Conway.  Burroughs was arrested without incident Monday evening and was transported to the Horry County Detention Center where he is awaiting a bond hearing.

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This Is Conway- Hospice Part 1

We are starting a multi-part series on Hospice. What is it? Who needs it? What can it do and can't do? Presented in conjunction with Embrace Hospice of Conway, we present this important topic to clear the air of mis-conceptions about this valuable service. This will become even more relevant over the coming years as our population ages.



If you have questions or would like more information about hospice care, you can call Embrace at 843-347-1884.

Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. 16th edition


Happy February! The weather has certainly been crazy around here.  It’s Really Cold one day and above average the next.  I hope this is not a sign of a really hot summer as we have had some hot ones the last two years. Well, here is what ole Bubba has found out in his travels this month.


OPENINGSInteractivity Marketing has opened at 408 Main Street where the Old Carolina Movie Theatre use to be.  The company is a digital marketing firm with about 10 professional employees.  Poppa’s General Store will soon be opening a couple of doors up the street at 412 Main Street. Poppa’s will occupy the space that Suzanne’s Antiques just vacated. Rumor has it that the awning will be replaced so the old eye sore will soon be gone.  Thank goodness. I am not completely sure what all Poppa’s will offer but I have heard it will be a collectibles store. Time will tell. Work is continuing on the International Salon and Spa that will occupy the old Bernies building on the corner of 3rd and Laurel Street.  Bubba expects a March 1 opening date.

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I Have No Problems.....

Ever have one of those days where every time you turn around you are faced with people dealing with tough situations? I've definitely had one today. It started out with a visit to a Charleston hospital to see a family member that recently underwent major surgery. While there, I watched said family member handle pain, needles, and discomfort with gumption and grace and I couldn't fathom how they did it. 

I saw tiny little babies, that were just fighting to live another minute, children that looked like pros at the hospital thing because they had obviously spent a great deal of time there, a mother of twins that sat alone in a waiting room while one of her babies went through surgery, and I thought to myself: I have no problems.  

On the way home, I passed houses that looked dilapidated beyond reason yet people were living in them, cars that had seen their best days years ago yet people were driving them, and suddenly I was aware of others around me, and I thought again, I have no problems....(you can kind of see where this is going I'm sure)..

So when I got home and logged on to my computer, in my warm house, with my health and mind and all that, and I saw stories of people paying rent to live in cagesyet another shooting, etc I was faced with the fact that, once again, I do not have any problems.

Not ones like what others are facing anyway. I have my health my mind, a roof, a bed, a full stomach. I may not have all I want, but my needs are met for sure and that's way more than a huge percentage of the world’s population dose. Anybody remember that scene at the end of the Princess Diaries (2001) where Mia, played by a up and coming Ann Hathaway, gave a little speech at the ball about how she had come to realize just how selfish she was? She said something about counting the times a day she said the word "I" and even though it was a Disney movie, the sentiment isn't that many times a day do I say the word "I"? 

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Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. 15th edition

Conway Journal Bubba Noseit 

I don’t know about you, but the streets of Conway have sure been empty the month of January.  I don’t know if it is the reduced paychecks that everyone is now getting due to the NO NEW TAXES PROMISE by our President or the fact that Congress took so long in making a decision, so that the IRS stated that they would not even begin processing tax returns until Feb 1st.  This means NO TAX REFUNDS in January.  This coupled with the credit card statement shock from Christmas Shopping and well, the American public’s pocketbook is not running over with cash.  Hopefully, the public will see value in our unique town and return to the streets.   On that note we have some items to report on.

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The Divide Still Stands As Crowds Are Drawn and America Watches Obama Be Sworn In For Second Term

Photo credit: Yahoo.comPresident Obama started off his Monday with a tweet. And then on to a church service, as is custom, at St. John's Episcopal Church-Known as "The Church of the Presidents." From there he and his family made their way to the National Mall to begin the address.

Despite the Nations bitter division over the last year, crowds of up to 700,000 were still expected to attend.

Photo credit:

Which, according to, would make it the largest second-term inaugural ceremony in history.

In his speech, Obama spoke with an excited and encouraging air, seemingly giving a pep talk to supporters while at the same time willing skeptics to believe in his cause. He spoke of God, global warming, and war among other things in the air of a man that knows he will not be challenged as he talks of a journey yet unfinished.

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The Shy Applicant: What's Proper Manners When Looking For Work?


Being raised in the south means that, from birth, you are indoctrinated with manners. You learn not to talk with your mouth full, to open doors for people, to let the elderly adults be first in line at family dinners. You are practically steeped in politeness.



If your first four words were "Daddy, Mama, Yes sir, and No mam" than you probably grew up south of the Mason Dixon and you know what I am talking about.

Some of my earliest memories are made up of mama teaching us "how to act." We were expected to act with grace and dignity on a daily basis but the expectations were especially high when we were "going off." I can remember standing beside my siblings as mama went down the line setting hair bows straight, making sure buttons were in place and gently drilling into us the proper conduct.

We were to say "Yes mam" and "No sir," please, thank you, and stay close by. We were never to interrupt or take or do anything without asking first. And we obeyed because if we didn't we would have gotten our little tushes spanked and brought shame upon ourselves and our mama. And as kind and loving as our mama was, she commanded respect and we behaved not out of fear but because we would have rather eaten salad for a week than disappointed mama in public.

So after a wonderful childhood spent tutored in the polite-never speak unless spoken to-way of doing things it is sometimes hard for me to get a handle on this fast pace world we live in. Tonight my sweetheart suggested that I pay a visit to one of the companies I have applied to and as he put it, "just drop in and say hello, let them put a face to a name."

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Conway City Police Search for Murder Suspect after January 7th Shooting

The city police are still looking for, as of Jan 9th 2013, an unidentified suspect accused of murder after a January 7th, shooting in the 6th Ave area in Conway. The police report, released yesterday, states that a city officer was dispatched to the area around 2028 6th Ave around 2:00 pm Monday afternoon after a possible shooting was reported.

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Up For Hire: Searching In The Unprofessional Job Market

Along with a million other people, I have found myself searching for a job. A woman cannot live on Blogger alone and so I've been scouring every job listing website, newspaper, and employment ad I could find, and I've stumbled across a few leads that I am really interested in.

But on the flip side, I've also had to comb through some of the most unprofessional *gawm you have ever seen in your life.

Countless job listings that have such little information that you wonder why they bothered to post it in the first place, listings without phone numbers/e-mails/addresses or any contact information in general, and my pet peeve of the century: job postings without the name of the company hiring.


Vague job descriptions, no mentions of what the expected hours would be, "DO NOT CALL" notices, and misleading titles are also common. Here's an example from


 Notice that the title says "Sale Representative," however the fine print makes it clear that they are searching for someone with an "Active SC Real Estate License"-so basically, they need an in house Realtor.


They do get points for a full description of the company, however, their contact information leaves something to be desired. A web address is all that is provided, which will lead you to a phone number/address. So a great deal of information which says very little. Frustrating to say the least.


Another example is worse:

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Conway Library Events For January 2013

Appreciate a Dragon Day Art Contest: Submissions accepted through Jan. 1st. Submit a work of art based on your favorite dragon from a book! Submissions will be displayed in the library and posted on Facebook. Winners will be selected in 3 categories (kids, teens, and adults) and will be announced on January 16th, Appreciate a Dragon Day.

National Dress up your Pet Day Photo Contest: Jan. 1-14. Submit a photo of your stylish pets in person, via email, or by posting on our Facebook page. All photos will be uploaded to Facebook for voting, and the photo with the most “likes” will win a prize. The winner will be announced on January 14th, National Dress up your Pet Day.

Question of the Day: Jan. 1-31. Answer our daily trivia question for a prize and the chance the win to a book.

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Theatre of the Republic lets “The Ladies Take the Stage”!!!

THOR Press Release:

Jan. 2, 2013, Conway, S.C. ― Theatre of the Republic is letting “The Ladies Take the Stage,” for a special one-weekend-only spectacular singing event.

Performances are scheduled for Jan. 11 and 12, at 8 p.m.; and Dec. 13 at 3 p.m.


 Reserved seating tickets are an incredibly low $15, and can be purchased conveniently online 24 hours a day at

Tickets can also be purchased from the TOR box office, Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Theatre of the Republic is located at 335 Main Street in historic downtown Conway.

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Happy New Year from Conway Journal!



Alright kids, in just a few short hours we will have survived the year that was supposed to end the world, hope you celebrate our superb survivor skills safely and with great success!

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