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Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. 15th edition

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I don’t know about you, but the streets of Conway have sure been empty the month of January.  I don’t know if it is the reduced paychecks that everyone is now getting due to the NO NEW TAXES PROMISE by our President or the fact that Congress took so long in making a decision, so that the IRS stated that they would not even begin processing tax returns until Feb 1st.  This means NO TAX REFUNDS in January.  This coupled with the credit card statement shock from Christmas Shopping and well, the American public’s pocketbook is not running over with cash.  Hopefully, the public will see value in our unique town and return to the streets.   On that note we have some items to report on.

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Downtown Rumors. Rants. Ravings, and Generally Untrustworthy Information. 14th edition


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Downtown Conway. All the decorations are out and the stores are staying open later, Santa comes to town and Horse Drawn Carriage Rides clomp down the streets on Thursday Nights. Yes, it is that festive time of year.  The Downtown Christmas Parade was said to be one of the longest ever and it did go on for over 2 hours.  The only complaint ole Bubba has on the Parade is the fact that the street sweeper does not follow behind Santa’s Sleigh at the end of the parade.  Well, they don’t have to be directly behind him…but how about at least within 24 hours of the parade ending. Lets get SOMEONE to pick up all the trash and candy left on the side of the streets.  Ole Bubba is tired of scraping tootsie rolls off the bottom of his boots.  It was not until about 5 days after the event that the streets were finally cleaned up.


OPENINGSA Shooting Affair has officially opened on 4th Ave where the old Sweet Spot Café use to be. Jim and Lori Lilley will be arming the store for all your protection needs with lots of great gift ideas for those pistol packing ladies on your list  Bigga Jimmy’s Pizza has finally opened on the corner of Normans Alley and Kingston Street.  So far, it is a soft opening with just Pizza and Subs but this week I believe he will be going full steam ahead with a full menu.  Stop by for lunch as Jimmy is the only store in town that sells pizza BY THE SLICE.  Bubba has been by to try a few and he will definitely be back as it is out of this world.

Read more: Downtown Rumors. Rants....

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