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What is up with this?
Seriously, how can someone drive a vehicle big enough to block a small storefront, then park it for hours in front of their neighbor's business.  For the record, there is plenty of free all-day parking available for business employees.  However, it does require walking, an aerobic activity that some are not inclined to.  The pictures were submitted by a concerned merchant as a follow-up to the article about parking in downtown Conway SC.  It would be nice if we could save the streetside parking for our customers... pretty please.

Now we're rolling.

In March we passed 1,000 readers on the

Not hits, but real visitors. We have something like a hundrillion brazzilion hits, but you should never put much stock in your hit count. Think of it like a print publication. If the salesman says they have a distribution of 25,000, it just means that 25K copies of their publication is printed and given out. Anyone can print 25K rags and set them in every business in town without anyone actually reading them. What is important is how many are reading it?  We used to have a rack of  those free local fishwraps in a business downtown. Every month the van would bring a bundle in and tell us to toss out last month's bundle, which looked remarkably like the same amount. As for print publications in Conway, the only things that I know people read are the Horry Independent and the Sun News.  In the paper world we could say that over 1,000 people picked us up and read us in March. We have been doubling readers annually, but it looks like a triple could be in the works by mid-summer.

About Our “E Newspaper” Title

You may have noticed that the title of the website has been “Conway, SC E Newspaper – Blogs”. Let us assure you that the title is simply a tool to improve search engine rankings and thus put our product in-front of more people. Conway already has a “real” newspaper. We are a community bulletin board of sorts. A place to share your passion, fight the bad guy, make our neighbors laugh, and generally get the word out.  We just help people tell their story.

Coming in.

Retail it is! The new store opening on 3rd Ave, next to the Crafty Rooster is going to be a retailer and could be open by next week. The store is called JUB or Jabez Unisex Boutique, and will feature high fashion attire for men and women. The owners are Conway locals, and good people. Plan a moment next week to stop by and say hello to our newest neighbors.  According to Wikipedia: In the I Book of Chronicles Jabez is a well-respected man (ancestor in the lineage of the kings' tribe of Judah) whose prayer to God for blessing was answered (see 1 Chronicles 4:9-11).  Nice.

The space previously occupied by Chestnut Mandolins on Main Street is wrapped in brown paper. So the “fell through” rumor must have fell through. Something is definitely going on and paper covered windows is a good sign. That level of privacy is traditionally reserved for retail or restaurants, we are crossing our fingers.

The “lease available” sign is now missing from two properties on 3rd Ave. The last shop across from the visitor center and now the former Kingston Fabrics location are both teasing our hopes for new business. No word yet, about what may be coming.

Wiener City passes the test. Debby Stephens, owner of the Bodega and gourmet chili-dog connoisseur, has spoken. Onlookers waited outside of the break-room door in nervous anticipation of her verdict. “It was really good. You get a foot-long chili-dog, fries, and a drink, and it was only $3.99” was her official statement to the press.

Going out.

No news, is good news.

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